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Chris Cooper

General Manager

Chris co-founded MBG Property Management in 2006. 他擅长亲自动手,管理MBG物业的日常运营. In this role, Chris promoted the company’s philosophy of “hard work, honesty, work until the work is done, and fix things once & fix them right.”

Today, 克里斯自豪地监督着MBG旗下30家多家族地产的运营, a corporate staff of nine, and 80 onsite personnel. He is actively involved in recruiting, retaining, and training his team, 创造将公寓设施转变为社区的愿景, and executing innovative, long term solutions within capital improvement budgets. 克里斯有一个雄心勃勃的愿望,扩大MBG的投资组合,并一直在教育自己,在行业中可用的收购和发展机会.

Chris began his career in property maintenance 1995, performing his first apartment “turn” at the age of 17. He spent time working for At Home Apartments, learning how respected industry peers operate their business(es).

Chris graduated from Minnesota State University in Mankato in 2003, and has completed a variety of both management, maintenance, and Real Estate coursework. 他是持证的CPO(注册泳池操作员),持有锅炉执照.

Chris is dedicated to MBG’s mission to provide quality, 为租户提供清洁和经济的居住选择,并努力保持MBG的使命, 因为他明白优质住房和创建社区的重要性.

Christina Kelsey

Market Portfolio Manager

Christina joined MBG in 2013 as a site manager. After 3-years of successfully demonstrating dedication, organization, and leadership she was promoted to Portfolio Manager in 2016. Her primary responsibilities include supervising onsite staff, managing revenue and expenses, maintaining the physical property, and building resident relations and retention.

克里斯蒂娜被认为是一个天生的问题解决者,在平衡业主的需求和利益方面表现出高度的正直, staff, and the apartment communities. 克里斯蒂娜对MBG使命的奉献精神通过她每天领导他人的热情表现出来.

Prior to joining MBG, Christina在CommonBond Communities担任了5年多的现场助理物业经理.

Matt Perila

Accounting Manager

Matt于2020年11月底加入MBG,负责管理包括应付账款在内的会计职能 & receivable.  他专门从事投资组合资产的财务管理,并将他强烈的职业道德和训练有素的对细节的眼光带入该职能.

马特在MBG的专业领域包括启动定期财务报表 & 报告的业主,投资者和贷款人,并准备年度审计和纳税申报单.

马特毕业于北达科他州大学,获得会计学学士学位. He offers more than 30 years accounting experience.   Prior to joining MBG, Matt是世邦魏理仕的会计经理,主要专注于准备工作, reviewing and distributing monthly property financial statements.

Jackie Busse

Office Manager

Jackie Busse is the Office Manager for MBG Property Management. Jackie在办公室管理方面拥有超过15年的行政经验, Human Resources, and Accounting. 她协助制定和执行公司的政策和程序, 管理和监督人力资源政策的执行,维护公司会计.

Jackie’s role as the Officer Manager is versatile and expansive, 她还与正版赌钱app下载和业主合作,提供客户服务,并回答有关大型项目状态更新的问题.

Prior to MBG Property Management, Jackie是明尼苏达经纪集团的商业房地产经纪人助理.

Juanita Pekay

Compliance Manager
(Janken Housing Solutions, Inc.)

Juanita is the owner and president of Janken Housing Solutions, Inc., a company that specializes in Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Project Based Section 8, HOME and Tax Exempt Bond compliance and training.  胡安妮塔协助业主在收购和翻新,并审查租户文件的业主, pre-approves households during lease-ups, approves initial certifications after properties have been acquired, and provides on-site training for site staff.  胡安妮塔致力于促进经济适用房的成功,并确保经济适用房资产得到保护.

Juanita has been a licensed real estate broker since 2000.  她拥有并管理着几栋市场价和经济适用公寓大楼,这些大楼受到多种资金来源规定的约束. 胡安妮塔于1990年以优异成绩毕业于俄亥俄州哥伦布市的俄亥俄州立大学. 胡安妮塔在多个住宅领域的专业知识使她成为MBG物业管理的宝贵资产,因为她为MBG提供质量的使命做出了贡献, clean and affordable housing.

Jody Williams

Affordable Portfolio Manager 

Jody joined MBG in 2009 as a site manager. After 10-years of management, leadership, 并展示了出色的客户服务,她于2019年晋升为平价投资组合经理. 乔迪的主要职责包括监督都市区13个住房社区的运作和多个现场工作人员, managing revenue and expenses, maintaining physical property, and building resident relations and retention.

乔迪是一个天生的团队建设者,她擅长建立和管理成功的团队合作. 乔迪理解高度协作的团队努力的价值,它将通过更高的生产力增加价值,并导致更好的客户关系. 乔迪知道,当一个团队合作得很好时,往往会取得最好的结果.

Prior to working for MBG, 乔迪在一个高档退休社区做了6年的市场总监和驻地服务协调员. 乔迪还在一家“仅限老年人”的可负担税收抵免房产做了10年的物业经理. Additionally, Jody did the accounting for a small business for 2 years. 乔迪在经济适用房方面的专业背景和知识是MBG的宝贵财富.

Jon Jewell

Maintenance Manager

Jon Jewell joined MBG Property Management in December 2012. With 20 years of property maintenance experience, 乔恩以保持积极的正版赌钱app下载关系和提供安全而自豪, clean, 以及欢迎不同背景和经验的正版赌钱app下载入住的经济适用房.

Prior to joining the MBG team, 乔恩与亚利桑那州的开发商合作,完成了从概念到入住证的数百万美元的项目. He acquired the skills of adhering to strict budgets, meeting deadlines and exceeding project expectations.

Jon offers more than 30 years of trades experience and leadership. 从与合同合作到提供新的创新方法来改进未来的维护协议, Jon treats evert property as his own, taking pride in his work.

Doug Berthiaume

Director of Maintenance

Doug Berthiaume joined MBG Property Management in July 2021. 在维修和建筑行业有超过10年的经验, Doug is driven to help others in need. When problems present themselves, Doug exerts his knowledge, experience, and compassion to better serve the residents.

在加入MBG之前,他曾担任房屋检查员、维修主管和木匠. Doug在管理资本支出项目和装修方面有丰富的经验. 道格毕业时在建筑施工和企业管理方面都获得了荣誉. 拥有多个行业许可证和维护奖励,Doug认为自己是一个终身学习者,并总是努力学习更多.

With his skills and abilities, Doug has been able to help many people. 他以专业的态度带领团队,引领物业管理维修行业, positivity, and being team oriented.